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About the founder

Experienced Business Management, Growth Strategy professional and Entrepreneur with an extensive background in Strategic Business Development and Technology Commercialization.

Founder and director of LICHEN. Founder of VEROCY; a strategic foresight and development gateway for international investments, (new) business and value management and resources in dynamic, complex, politically challenging countries and regions in the Middle East and North Africa.

CEO of TrendActors; a community of industry and subject matter experts that wants to Share their passion, expertise and knowledge to help you Learn and Act on digital innovation trends and how Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robotics, Blockchain, Digital & Services Marketing will impact industries, customers, organizations and employees.

I believe in the “Evolution of Cooperation”! I like to decipher the code of sustainable symbiotic relationships and support technological and operational business concepts that grow through cooperation and smart consumption, giving resources time to restore and reproduce. Survival of the Smartest!

I apply scenario-based thinking and methodologies to master complexity, reduce uncertainty and develop new opportunities in complex ecosystems and support the creation and diversification of organizations, countries and regions.

My drive to help businesses innovate and cooperate is supported by sound and proven business knowledge and experience. I graduated from Vlerick Business School with a specialization in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and hold a BSc in Chemical Engineering as a basis. In addition, I have completed several business management, marketing, finance and economics courses to further support my development.

With a 20+ years track-record of professional experience in business management and marketing of complex technical product portfolio’s I master the skills for success. I worked for a research and technology development organization TNO as the Sr. Manager New Business & Ventures of TNO Energy. Before I’ve led the Insulcon Group as Commercial Director and served as Business Manager/Producer at Atos Origin ICT & Medialab and the predecessor of SaaS and Cloud-technology; Citrix & Microsoft server-based computing solutions.

In 2018 I received the Royal Award of Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau due to my work as Chairman and Master Fundraiser for the Dutch Rett Syndrome Foundation. An organization that raises funds, sponsors and directs basic research and lead development for pharmaceutical interventions and treatments for Rett Syndrome.

My goals in life!

CONNECT technology, people and believes with the aim to provide answers for the main Global disruptions.

Work SMART and with a PURE focus and dedication while sharing experience and success with positive others.

CREATE memories and SHARE with family and friends and support those who appreciate and are unable.

Attract people and businesses through various activities, involvements and ventures, that also have a combined strength or synergy.



New Business Development
Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Stakeholder Management
Technology & Innovation
Business case development
Portfolio & Project Management



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